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Corporate Background :

Promoters of Cynosure have more than a decade of experience in the service industry, especially in the Information Technology (IT) and IT-Enabled Services (ITES) industry, serving both domestic and international markets. Cynosure Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Center was established in the year 2004 with a vision to offer world class inbound and outbound Contact Center services and BPO services to international clientele delivering quality and cost advantage by managing outsourced services.

Cynosure fosters valuable relationships between the clients and their customers through the use of world-class resources, technology, manpower and services. Cynosure's clients trust the professionals at Cynosure to handle every communication with the skill, care and courtesy that they themselves would have extended. By blending the right processes and technologies with significant reduction in costs for the client, Cynosure delivers substantial value for every penny spent by the client.

Cynosure strives to be the best in the industry. The company fulfils all client requirements through the right blend of advanced technology, the right processes & right employee at the right place & time.

Since inception, Cynosure's goal has been to forge long term, strategic relationships with its clients. Cynosure offers a broad base of services including - Inbound and Outbound voice based services, Market Research services, Customer Contact Management, Mortgage Services, Back Office Processing and end-to-end BPO services.

Company Overview :


" Cynosure shall strive to be a globally respected corporation providing the most efficient and effective management of business processes using the best-in-class people, process and technology"

Cynosure's corporate vision entails three parts - the "where", the "what" and the "how" of its being. The first part talks about where Cynosure wants to be and that is - Being globally respected. This is possible only through high degree of integrity and commitment towards each of its stake-holders - be it customers, suppliers, employees or shareholders.

The second part talks about what Cynosure wants to do, which is managing business processes for global clientele, both effectively (through constant innovation and change) and efficiently (through discipline and diligence)

Finally how can Cynosure be where it wants to be and do what it wants to do? Only through the three pillars on which the organization rests i.e. people, process and technology. Each of these need to be truly world class and synergies need to exist between them.


Cynosure is committed to the following goals:

Commitment to maintain the highest level of quality and responsiveness in all our dealings with and on behalf of our clients

Offering an opportunity to all Cynosure employees ("Cynosureians") to work and grow in a professional, positive, caring, creative and energetic environment

Creating a climate of unyielding integrity and ethics, making a fair profit and never exploiting relationships with clients or vendors for personal or professional gain.

Encouragement to all employees to think "outside the box" and to provide ideas that benefit clients, other employees and the community.

Core Values

Cynosure's culture concerns the deeply rooted beliefs, values and norms shared by its employees. Cynosure strives to be an organization that is adaptable and forward looking, yet built on a solid foundation of a few "precious core-values". It is what gives Cynosure clarity, focus and a shared sense of direction as it moves forward.

At Cynosure, every Cynosureian is proud of its heritage. Cynosure is widely recognized for its values and employee orientation.

Cynosure's relationship model combines process maturity with flexible, fast-paced company culture that makes it easy to work with. The delight is enhanced by Cynosure's ability to provide ramped-up value and responsibility as the relationship progresses.

Cynosureians are recognized to walk the walk and talk the talk of Communications. Cynosure values the unique contribution each employee brings to the work force. Cynosure not only equips its people with excellent training to meet challenging assignments but also empowers them so that they fulfill and exceed expectations.

Cynosureians are oriented to be open, fair and uncompromising in their efforts to ensure external as well as internal customer satisfaction. For this, Cynosure lays special emphasis on Integrity because of the trust that its clients place on the company.

Ethics, values, reputation are vital to Cynosure's philosophy. Cynosure's aim is to be globally respected as a process management company that is truly viewed as a strategic extension of our clients' capacity.

Cynosure recognizes people as its core strength and lays special emphasis on hiring and retaining the people it believes will make the organization a global leader.

Client Benefits @ Cynosure :

24/7/365 Customer Support/Care Services

Low cost per call/response

Reduced turnaround time for Service Delivery

Reduced time to market

Consistent quality of deliverables

No infrastructure requirements or costs at client's end

High-level of call pick-up / customer response

Best-of-breed and well trained Customer Care Professionals

Highly systemized and Professional style of working.

Zero over-heads on customer response/activity with-in client organization.

Multilingual Capabilities

Capabilities to provide end-to-end solutions

Ready-to-start resources with absolute minimum set-up time and cost

Use of latest technologies in telecommunications and customer-care

No extra manpower cost and involvement

Domain experts in Customer Contact Management, Mortgage, Market Research, Back office Processing and other service areas

The user typically realizes substantial cost savings

Aggressive ramp-up capabilities

Process Management
Process Improvement


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